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  • Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch
  • Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch
  • Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch
  • Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch
  • Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch


Pushchair, Ergo light (Karma) 18 inch

  • Availability: In Stock


  • Suitable for limited living spaces/senior citizen/small attendants
  • ultra lightweight wheelchair
  • with Karma’s unique S-Ergo seating system : designed according to human body’s natural curves and functions
  • revolutionary S-Ergo system is the world's first s-shaped ergonomic seating designed according to the body curve, which is capable of simultaneously relieving pressure, stabilizing seating position and reducing downward sliding
  • S-Ergo seating system spreads weight across greater area rather than just the hipbone increases stabilization and reduces sliding
  • patented in the U.S., EU and many other countries
  • reduces the risk of developing pressure ulcer and scoliosis
  • armrests are specifically designed to allow the user to get closer to the desk-top
  • lightest wheelchair available on the market that has successfully passed crash tests
  • approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc., bonded anti-microbial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. It is a shield for your health
  • foldable backrest and frame for easy and convenient storage and transport
  • extended armrest design is ergonomic and creates bigger seating space


Approx. useful dimension (Inches)

Seat width 18

Seat height 19

Seat depth 16.5

Chair width 22

Chair height 36

Capacity 100kg

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