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Skin Preparations
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  • Spray, Antiseptic (Schulke Octenisept), 50ml, Per Bot


Spray, Antiseptic (Schulke Octenisept), 50ml, Per Bot

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octenisept® is very effective and well tolerated. Its unique combination of Octenidine and Phenoxyethanol ensures a rapid and broad based antiseptic effect, thus eliminates existing microbes and prevention of recurrence infections which helps wound to heal faster without obstacles.. Aqueous wound and mucous membrane antiseptic :
  • broad antiseptic spectrum of activity
  • well tolerated by skin and mucous membrane
  • painless application
  • suitable for infants and premature babies


Use for :
  • Antiseptic treatment of traumatic, acute, chronic, surgical and burn wounds.
  • Prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the anogenital
  • Prior to diagnostic and surgical interventions in the oral cavity
  • Before placing urinary tract catheters.
  • For preoperative skin antisepsis in the area close to mucous membranes


100 g solution contains: Octenidine dihydrochloride 0.1 g, 2-Phenoxyethanol (Ph.Eur.) 2.0 g




  • To prevent possible tissue injury, the product must not be injected or applied to tissues with pressure. 
  • Adequate drainage from wound cavities must be provided (e.g. for flexible drain tube). 
  • octenisept® should not be used for irrigating the abdominal cavity (e.g. intraoperatively), the urinary bladder and nose or eardrum. 
  • Do not swallow octenisept®
  • Do not enter it into the blood circuit, e.g. by being accidently injected. 
  • Do not mix octenisept® with other compounds.
  • Do not use octenisept® in combination with PVP-iodine based antiseptics.
  • Bandages and incision foils can be applied after octenisept® has dried off completely. 
  • In rare cases octenisept® may cause slight burning
  • octenisept® can be heated up to body temperature. 
  • octenisept expires three years after opening. 
  • Once the container has been opened octenisept® should not be used for more than three years but not beyond the expiry date.
  • As a general principle: administrating of any pharmaceuticals within the first trimester of pregnancy should be carried out under strict indication and medical supervision.

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