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TENA Slip Super Adult Diapers, Size L, 10 Pcs/Bag


TENA ProSkin Slip have soft textile-like material, a body-close fit and high leakage security and are ideal for someone less mobile or when changing in bed. Thanks to the FeelDry Advanced™ functionality the product quickly draws the liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry. The fast absorbing core then rapidly locks in urine, even in larger quantities, for dryness and the fully breathable ConfioAir™ back-sheet allows skin to breathe

TENA ProSkin Slip are available in a large variety of sizes and absorbency levels.

  • Triple Protection for Skin Health
  • FeelDry Advanced™
  • Highly absorbent core
  • 100% breathable all around
  • Core designed according to user’s body shape (8 shape)
  • Leak Guards
  • Wetness indicator for easy change
  • Hook & Loop – multiple refastening, tape anywhere 
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