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Wound Dressings
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  • Dressing, Urgosorb (Urgo), 10cm x 10cm, Per Piece


Dressing, Urgosorb (Urgo), 10cm x 10cm, Per Piece

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Urgo's Technology Lipido-Colloid (TLC) is an exclusive innovation patented by Laboratoires Urgo  and developed in order to promote optimised wound healing.

TLC consists of a jellified healing matrix composed by :

  • hydrocolloid particles (do not dry out)
  • pharmaceutical grade jelly substances (do not adhere to wound)

This combination :

  • creates/maintains a moist environment/intergrity
  • stimulates natural proliferation of fibroblasts
  • allows atraumatic and pain-free care
  • high tolerance

Urgo Medical provides a complete solution for each wound stage from infected wounds to wound closure in 4 main categories :

picto_purify   picto_clean   picto_accelerate    picto_close

UrgoSorb is within the Clean category, an alginate hydrocolloid absorbent dressing

For :

  • local treatment of moderate to highly exuding wounds
  • sloughy and granulating wounds
  • post surgical and chronic wounds

With :

  • sterile dressing of calcium alginate fibres
  • hydrocolloid particles (sodium carboxymethylcellulose)
  • natural highly absorbent polymers

To :

  • haemostatic capacity
  • pain free one piece removal
  • wound healing

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