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External Male Catheters
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  • External Male Catheter, (Conveen Urisheath) 35mm, Per Piece


External Male Catheter, (Conveen Urisheath) 35mm, Per Piece

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Conveen Urisheath extermal male catheter is a 2 piece urine collecting system, resilient uriliner expands and contracts with changes in size, hydrocolloid adhesive protects the skin and anti-kink bulb port allows unobstructed flow.

Resilient Uriliner :

  • a double sided adhesive strip keeps a firm yet non constricting grip
  • stays absolutely leafproof for 24 hours
  • memory-feature of the material always returns to its original size and tension


Skin friendly adhesive :

  • blood supply remains uninterrupted, reporse or enlarged, and will not cause pressure sores
  • skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive absorbs moisture offers protection against skin irritation or maceration


Release tabs :

  • easy to remove the protective paper from both sides of the uriliner even when dexterity is limited







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