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Tube Feeding
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  • Feeding Bag (Compat Ella), 1L Enfit, Per Piece
  • Feeding Bag (Compat Ella), 1L Enfit, Per Piece
  • Feeding Bag (Compat Ella), 1L Enfit, Per Piece


Feeding Bag (Compat Ella), 1L Enfit, Per Piece

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Features :


Built-in Safety: All Compat Ella® administration sets feature patented fail-safe Auto-Anti-Free-Flow (AAFF) technology. AAFF is incorporated into the cassette and is always automatically activated to ensure patient safety. 


Safer Connectors: The ENFit™ connector is designed to be IV INcompatible to promote patient safety by helping to avoid accidental misconnections. 


Convenience: The integrated 1 L reservoir offers a convenient open system with a built-in hanger and screw cap. The large top-fill opening allows to refill the bag with nutrition or water without stopping the feeding program, or removing the reservoir from the hanger. 


Food Safe Materials: All Compat Ella® administration sets are DEHP, BPA and Latex-Free*. The Flexibaggle® 1 L reservoir is made of Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA), a soft and food friendly material. 


- Enteral feeding tubes: ENFit™, ENLock, Funnel**
- Medication dispensers: ENFit™, ENLock, Oral, Luer 

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