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Suction Needs
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  • Suction Catheter, (Hospitech), 14Fg Size, 50 Pc/Box


Suction Catheter, (Hospitech), 14Fg Size, 50 Pc/Box

  • Availability: In Stock


Suction Catheters with finger control for use with suction unit. Available in 8Fg, 10Fg, 12Fg or 14Fg

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Connecting Tube, Suction (ASSURE), 180cm, 7M-028-180, Per Piece

Connecting Tube to be used with most Suction Units. 180cm length.


Suction Unit with Built-in Rechargeable Battery (DeVilbiss, Vacu Aide), 7305P-U, Per Set

The Vacu Aide is a small and lightweight portable aspirator. It is primarily used for bronchial / oral hygiene, effective airways clearance and helps to control infection. The Vacu Aide is ideal for home or hospital use.


Collection Bottle, Disposable (DeVilbiss), 800ml, for Vacu Aide Suction Pump, DVB7305D-632, Per Unit

The DVB7305D-632 is an improved 800ml Disposable Collection Bottle/Cover for the Devilbiss DVB 7314P-U/D-U, Vacu Aide Suction Pumps. Comes with integrated filter cartridge and tubing.


Portable Suction Pump (Merridian, EcoVac-200), Per Set

The Merridian EcoVac-200 Portable Suction Pump is designed for low-to-medium suction applications, for use in nursing home, homecare and clinic environments. It combines economy with efficiency.


Suction Pump (Devilbiss Vacu Aide) DVB 7314 D-U, Per Set

DeVilbiss Vacu Aide 7314 QSU (Quiet Suction Unit) has been designed to perform effective airways suctioning in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way. It has an exceptionally low noise level without compromising suction performance and is suitable for both


Suction Bottle (Merridian), Per Unit

Anti-bacteria filter helps prevent contamination. Oil-free, permanent lubrication. With overflow protection.Vacuum regulator. Anti-vibration vacuum guage setting


Connecting Tube, Suction (ASSURE), 300cm, 7M-028-300, Per Piece

Connecting Tube to be used with Suction Units


Suction Pump (Devilbiss Vacu Aide) DVB 7305 D-I, Per Set

Debilbiss VacuAide is small and lightweight for ease of portability. It is ideal for home or hospital use and meets the stringent ISO 10079-1 standards for emergency transport suction. Areas of Application : Bronchial / Oral Hygiene Provides effective airways clearance Helps to control infection


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