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Nursing Bed
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  • Hospital Bed (Rental), From SG$200 / Month Onwards, Per Unit


Hospital Bed (Rental), From SG$200 / Month Onwards, Per Unit

  • Availability: Only in Yishun and Kembangan


For enquiries, please call the branches.


 Cost in SGD
Description Weekly Monthly


Delivery Charges 2 ways

3 Crank Electric Low Bed, 198 x 96 x 340-620cm, Weight Cap : 150Kg  Head - 0-85°  Leg -0-35° (4" Mattress Included)

- 200 250 200

New mattress can be purchased at $198 each

(AR-0580, New Hospital Bed Mattress , Height  : 4 inches 190 x 85 x 10cm)


Please view Terms & Conditions below


  • Call / email for arrangement (ONLY)
  • Deposit is collected together with the first rental period.            
  • Upon returning, the balance charges are calculated from the end of the first rental period.         
  • Any partial week will be considered as one complete week.       
  • 1 week = rent on Monday return on Monday.   
  • 1 Month = Rent on 1st of the month, return on the 1st of the month.    
  • If the required day of return falls on a day that we are not open, the next working day will be condidered as an acceptable day of return.           
  • Return location is at our HQ in Yishun (returning to any other branches will incur a $18 item transfer fee).           
  • Delivery/Collection if required is charged at $18/trip.                 
  • If a new unit is requested, a minimum duration of 4 months rental is required and collected upfront in addition to the rental deposit.
  • Deposit collected will be used to off set the rental charges at the end of the initial rental period.
  • Damages due to misuse or loss of the item will be deducted from the deposit (Subject to a max of the intitial deposit amount).          
  • Please return the item in a clean condition (a cleaning fee of $50.00 will apply if necessary).       
  • Deposit rates for non Singaporeans/PR is twice the usual deposit amount.          
  • Pharmex reserves all rights to terminate the agreement at any point of time without compensation to the HIRER.              
  • Pharmex shall not be liable for any injury or damage howsoever or whatsoever caused to anyone using the rented item(s) directly or indirectly.                


  • By renting the item, the hirer is deemed to have read and agreed to the T&C as stated above. 

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