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Oxygen Therapy
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  • Humidifiers, Prefilled (AquaPak), 340ml, Per Unit


Humidifiers, Prefilled (AquaPak), 340ml, Per Unit

  • Availability: In Stock


Aquapak Prefilled Humidifiers combine an easy-to-use adaptor with sterile water reservoir bottles. Micro-diffuser produces smaller bubbles and greater surface agitation for quiet operation and high humidity output. 


Humidifier adaptors incorporate audible alarm to alert clinician to flow restriction or occlusion of humidifier or tubing. Reservoir bottles have built-in oxygen tubing connectors.

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Oxygen Mask (Hospitech), Per Piece

Oxygen Mask for resuscitation and oxygen therapy purposes. Available in adult size only and comes complete with 2m tubing.


Nasal Cannula (Hospitech), Per Piece

Nasal Cannulas are for use during oxygen therapy and offers a less obtrusive way to deliver oxygen. We also carry a wide range of Mask for use in Respiratory Therapy; from Oxygen Masks, Nasal Cannulas to Nebulizer Masks.


Oxygen Concentrator (DeVilbiss Compact), 525KS, Per Unit

This compact oxygen concentrator is an electronically operated device that provides an uninterrupted supply of oxygen as and when required at the touch of a button. - DeVilbiss Healthcare.

S$1,720.00 S$2,288.00-24%

Oxygen Cylinder D, 415Litres, Per Cylinder

Aluminum cylinder with capacity of 415 litres, for Oxygen Therapy/Resuscitation purpose.


Tracheostomy Mask (Hudson) Complete with Oxygen Tubing, Adult, Per Set

A tracheostomy mask, sometimes referred to as a tracheostomy collar, is a small mask that fits over the patient’s tracheostomy site. An adjustable elastic strap that fits around the patient’s neck holds it in place.


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