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Pain Management
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  • Instant Cold Pack (ASSURE Rehab), AR0720, Per Pack


Instant Cold Pack (ASSURE Rehab), AR0720, Per Pack

  • Availability: In Stock


Designed for First Aid Treatment and Outdoor use. Helps reduce swellings, ease pain and promote faster recovery where cold relief is required. Can be used for fever, headache, toothache, hot flushes, minor burns, bumps and soreness from bruises, pulled or strained muscles from sport injuries, driving fatigue, and hot weather. Suitable for use in picnic, fishing, hiking or camping.


Dimension: 18cm x 11cm
Aluminium foil outer casing


1. Punch
    Slightly punch compress to break the interior of the water bag.
    Contents instantly dissolve and provides immediate cold relief.


2. Shake
     Hold compress at each end and shake to mix contents.


3. Apply
     Apply compress promptly to desired area.

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