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  • VitaHealth Maca with Cordyceps 2 x 60's/box


VitaHealth Maca with Cordyceps 2 x 60's/box

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VitaHealth Maca with Cordyceps is an energizing health supplement uses only premium grade of Maca, enriched with Cordyceps to support vitality.

  1. Enhances vigour and vitality
  2. Regulates hormone
  3. For both men and women


  • Maca and Cordyceps support energy, vitality, stamina and general well-being 
  • Maca has widely been used for centuries by indigenous Peruvian as ‘Superfood’- an energy enhancing natural plant food.
  • Maca is exceptionally rich in minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium as well as vitamins, proteins,amino acids and plant sterols.
  • Maca can help support hormonal balance, vitality, endurance, reproductive and immune health.
  • Maca helps to provide nutritional support during times of stress and improve mood for better focus at work.
  • Maca may be beneficial for relieving menopausal discomforts.
  • Cordyceps has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to replenish vital energy and build stamina.
  • Cordyceps supports immune system and body’s defence mechanism.
  • Recommended for both men and women who look for energy support.

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