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Pressure Relief
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  • Air Mattress (YH Med), with Pump, Rental, SG$40 / Month, Per Unit
  • Air Mattress (YH Med), with Pump, Rental, SG$40 / Month, Per Unit
  • Air Mattress (YH Med), with Pump, Rental, SG$40 / Month, Per Unit


Air Mattress (YH Med), with Pump, Rental, SG$40 / Month, Per Unit

  • Availability: In Stock


For enquiries, please email the branches.


Cost in SGD
Code Description Weekly Monthly Deposit Remarks
QDC-303(P1000PUMP) BLUE 2.8" Bubble Pad Mattress w/Pump NA 40 80

Option to purchase new mattress only @ $80


4.5" Alternating Air Mattress w/Pump NA 50 180

Option to purchase new mattress only @ $235


Please view Terms & Conditions below


  • Call / email for arrangement (ONLY)
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.    
  • Deposit is collected together with the first rental period.                             
  • Upon returning, the balance charges are calculated from the end of the first rental period.           
  • Any partial week will be considered as one complete week.         
  • 1 week = rent on Monday return on Monday.     
  • 1 Month = Rent on 1st of the month, return on the 1st of the month.      
  • If the required day of return falls on a day that we are not open, the next working day will be condidered as an acceptable day of return.                            
  • Return location is at our HQ in Yishun (returning to any other branches will incur a $18 item transfer fee).             
  • Delivery/Collection if required is charged at $18/trip.                     
  • If a new unit is requested, a minimum duration of 4 months rental is required and collected upfront in addition to the rental deposit. 
  • Deposit collected will be used to off set the rental charges at the end of the initial rental period.               
  • Damages due to misuse or loss of the item will be deducted from the deposit (Subject to a max of the intitial deposit amount).            
  • Please return the item in a clean condition (a cleaning fee of $50.00 will apply if necessary).         
  • Deposit rates for non Singaporeans/PR is twice the usual deposit amount.            
  • Pharmex reserves all rights to terminate the agreement at any point of time without compensation to the HIRER.                
  • Pharmex shall not be liable for any injury or damage howsoever or whatsoever caused to anyone using the rented item(s) directly or indirectly.      


  • By renting the item, the hirer is deemed to have read and agreed to the T&C as stated above.     

Air Mattress (YH Med), 2.8" Bubble Pad Mattress is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage I in short-term and domiciliary therapies. The mattress in PVC is composed of 130 7cm-high bubble cells, particularly comfortable, it is fixed to the bed by extra flaps on both top and bottom side. Very easy to install, maintain and use thanks to the possibility of adjust comfort range. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed by means of two hooks. This series is :

  • Dimensions without flaps (LxWxH): 200x90x7 cm
  • Extension Flaps length: 50 cm+ 50cm (Head & Foot Side)
  • Mattress material: TW NanYa EN71 Medical-Grade PVC
  • Material thickness: 0.35 mm
  • Cold-resistamt: -30t
  • Number of cells: 130
  • Weight support: 135 kg
  • Mattress Forming Model: One-Time Forming(8s)
  • Test Duration: 24 Hours (Inflation)
  • the Most Quiet Compressor
  • Long Life Compressor
  • Less 5% Pressure Fall-Off after 1 year used


Air Mattress (YH Med), 4.5" Cell Pad Mattress Alternating Pressure Mattress is made up by 18 pcs of 11 cm / 4.5" cells. The Alternating System includes A/B/C 3 groups of cells design (6 cells per group). During alternating, there always have 2 groups of cells keep inflating, it means that it will have 12 cells can share and support the patient's weight. Compared with the A/B 2 groups alternating model (B) (just have 9 cells keep inflating at the same time), the share weight of the A/B/C Cycle Mode alternating mattress will be more average. This series is :


  •     More Comfortable
  •     More Quiet
  •     Better Sleeping Quality
  •     Waterproof
  •     Air Permeability
  •     Easy for Cleaning
  •     Better sleeping quality
  •     Mattress Extra Flap
  •     Simple and Light
  •     Ultra-Quite Pump
  •     Provide the slience and comfortable rehabilitation environment to the patient with the ultra quiet design
  •     Easy for handling, the output pressure can be adjusted
  •     Light shape, the hanger design is suitable to hang on all kinds of nursing bed

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