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Wound Dressings
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  • Dressing (BETAplast Silver), Per Pc


Dressing (BETAplast Silver), Per Pc

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BETAplast Silver is one in a series of dressings that keeps the wound moist so as to provide a ideal environment for optimal healing. It also reduces shearing of newly formed epithelium and the pain caused by dressing changes which aids faster healing. It also has the additional ingredient of silver sulfadiazine which provides addtional antibotic properties to prevent and control infection.


Manufacturer’s packing : 10 pcs/bx.

Works better than other dressing :
- optimal quality wound healing
- cleaner wound bed
- optimal moist wound environment
- reduced shearing of skin during dressing change
- reduced inflammatory phase
- less pain at wound site
- better protection against infection
- low frequency of dressing change
- easy to remove
infused with :
- smartpore technology
- absorption & retention
- infection control
- faster healing time
BETAplast Silver :
- non adhesive

- contains 1% silver
- effective in managing contaminated wounds
- silver efficacy last up to 1 week
- provides moist wound healing environment & aids in creating an antimicrobial environment for :
pressure ulcers
leg ulcers
diabetic ulcers
traumatic ulcers
donor & graft sites
post operative wounds
venous stasis ulcers

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