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Feminine Hygiene
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  • ID Light Ultra Mini 190mm, 28 Pcs/Box, 12 Box/ctn


ID Light Ultra Mini 190mm, 28 Pcs/Box, 12 Box/ctn

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The ULTRA MINI range is designed for women who need a comfortable and discreet liner, in case of light bladder weakness. It is anatomically designed for a perfect fit to your body, and has an adhesive zone to keep the pad in place in your underwear. The soft topsheet has camomile added for its soothing properties, to help prevent skin irritations. It is slim, discreet and absorbent, giving you confidence throughout the day.

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ID Light Normal, 28cm x 10cm, 12's/Bag , 12Bag /cTn

women incontinence, female hygiene


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women incontinence, female hygiene, feminine hygiene


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feminine hygiene, women incontinence, female hygiene


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