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Skin & Hair Hygiene
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  • Betadine Solution 10%, 30ml, Per Bot


Betadine Solution 10%, 30ml, Per Bot

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BETADINE® Wound Care Unlike most antiseptics, BETADINE® uses a povidone-iodine solution to quickly kill the germs that cause wound infections14. BETADINE® antiseptic is relatively free of irritation or stinging, making it easier to use on your kids, in comparison with other alcohol antiseptics.14, 11 Individual response varies. Gentle on wounds, kills germs without stinging or irritation54. Individual response varies. Fast and long-lasting protection11 Fast germ killing action.11 Individual response varies. Easy to know when to reapply, the golden brown colour of povidone-iodine is a natural non-staining indicator that fades when it is time to reapply.


Kills germs quickly to prevent infections in minor cuts, wounds, abrasions and burns. Individual response varies*

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