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Wound Preparation
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  • Adhesive Remover (Niltac), Medical, Sting Free, Per Piece


Adhesive Remover (Niltac), Medical, Sting Free, Per Piece

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  • Niltac™ releases medical adhesives quickly and painlessly
  • for patient (such as an ostomate or continence patient) looking for pain free removal of adhesive products (stoma pouch, external sheath catheter, wound dressing etc), or a wound care clinician searching for atraumatic removal of medical adhesives
  • contents: 100% silicone blend with a propellantc

Niltac™ has been carefully designed for fast and easy use.  Please carefully follow the complete instructions in each pack.


Niltac™ 50ml aerosol – Order Code TR 101


For fast, painless and trauma-free removal of medical adhesives from the skin surface


Removal Of Medical Adhesives


To Use


  1. Spray Niltac™ around the edge of the adhesive and wait a few seconds.
  2. Gently peel adhesive away from the skin using additional Niltac™ to ease removal, if necessary.
  3. Dries in a few seconds. Once dried Niltac™ will not affect adhesion of further dressings or appliances.
  4. Niltac™ can be sprayed with the aerosol upside down


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