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  • Nestle Optimum Boost Vanilla 800g, Per Carton, 6's/CTN


Nestle Optimum Boost Vanilla 800g, Per Carton, 6's/CTN

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BOOST™ Optimum is part of a family of products designed to address the needs of the aging body, with a particular focus on filling in the nutritional gaps for those who are 50+. 



BOOST™ Optimum™ is a delicious adult nutritional supplement that contains high quality protein, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Vitamins and Minerals to address nutritional needs of adults. BOOST Optimum may help improve your nutritional status and physical performance when combined with physical exercise in as early as 6 weeks.



BOOST™ Optimum™ can help provide a complete and balanced nutrition for you and your loved ones especially if you are:

  • Nutrient deficient or those seeking to supplement their nutritional intake
  • Have a hectic and heavy workload, with a tendency to skip meals
  • Are involved in strenuous physical activity
  • Have late nights or insufficient rest
  • On diet or underweight
  • Have little or poor appetite
  • Elderly and not eating much/well or regularly
  • Stroke patients, or those recovering from illness or surgery



Make BOOST™ Optimum™ part of every day.

Thoroughly mix 7 full scoops (55 g) BOOST Optimum in 210ml of cool boiled water*

To maintain the probiotic activity, ensure water temperature has cooled to 45°C or below before adding the powder. For the best taste experience, enjoy immediately.  For Best Results, take 2 servings a day.

Your physician or dietitian may recommend using BOOST™ Optimum to substitute meals or portions of meals, in this case please follow their instructions carefully.

For more variety, add it to cereals, soups or yogurts, or mix it into a favorite dish Do not reheat/boil your beverage after mixing in the powder.

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