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  • Nutren Diabetic Liquid Vanilla (Nestle), 237ml, Per Pack


Nutren Diabetic Liquid Vanilla (Nestle), 237ml, Per Pack

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NUTREN® Diabetes is a delicious supplement for the dietary management of individuals with impaired glucose tolerance. It can be included in a diabetic meal plan or used as main source of nutrition.

24 packs per carton.

NUTREN® Diabetes is nutritionally complete to meet the needs of diabetic patients.


Low glycaemic index (GI)
- Powder GI = 28
- Liquid GI = 26

New slow release carbohydrates
- Isomaltulose - to support glycaemic control
- Sucrose Free
- Lactose Free

Exclusive glycaemic control fibre blend
- 100% soluble fiber with FOS, inulin, acacia gum & partially hydrolyzed guar gum
- 4.5g fibre per serving
High monounsaturated fat (MUFA) blend
- ADA recommends MUFA-rich eating habit
- Low saturated fats

High protein quality
- 50% Whey for better gastric emptying to help
- Supports wound healing and tissue repair

Nutritionally balanced and complete
- Provides 100% US RDA for 31 essential vitamins and minerals at 1500kcal
- Meets the latest ADA nutrition recommendations
One serving provides:
- 253 kcal (powder^)
- 240 kcal (liquid)
Calorie distribution (% kcal):
- Protein 18%
- Carbohydrate 39%
- Fat 39%
- Fibre 4%
Osmolarity (mOsm/L):
- 210 (powder^)
- 246 (liquid)

Osmolality (mOsm/kg H20):
- 250 (powder^)
- 293 (liquid)

No artificial colouring

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