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ABBOTT Jevity Liquid, 237ml,1 Tin

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Isotonic liquid nutrition with fibre. Provides complete nutrition for those requiring short- and long-term tube feeding. The fiber source can help moderate bowel function and may be useful in the dietary management of diarrhea and constipation.

Directions: Shake well. May be stored unopened at room temperature. Once opened, Jevity should be covered and refrigerated; discard if not used within 48 hours.

Oral Feeding: Jevity is unflavoured and may be used for total or supplemental nutrition. It may be fed at room temperature or chilled.

Tube feeding: Follow physician's instructions. Adjust flow rate, volume and dilution according to patient's condition and tolerance.
Additional fluid requirements should be met by giving water with or after feedings or when flushing the tube.

Cautionary Instruction: Not for parenteral use.

Price per tin.
24 tins per carton.

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