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Emergency Equipment
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Airway, Esophageal Endotracheal (Covidien, Mallinckrodt), Double Lumen, Per Set

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Establishes a patent airway when placed in the Trachea or Esophagus. For difficult or emergency airw..

Automated External Defibrillator (Heartsine, Samaritan PAD), AED-500P, Per Unit

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Why Heartsine® : Inventor, innovator and lifesaver   Technology Avantage. Utilises..

CPR Face Shield (ASSURE), 7M-075, Per Piece

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Disposable CPR Face Shield, used during resuscitation without the risk of infection by negating phys..

CPR Pocket Resuscitator (ASSURE), 7M-075-M, Per Piece

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CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask for use during resuscitation. Comes with a plastic container. ..

Emergency Folding Stretcher, 7M-040, Per Unit

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Emergency Folding Stretcher. Foldable into half of expanded length. Compact and easy to carry. &nbs..

Manual Resuscitator For Adult (Air Viva) , S-660-11, Per Set

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Manual Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator For Adults (Air Viva). Also called an Ambu bag as it is part of t..

Oxygen Cylinder D, 415Litres, Per Cylinder

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Aluminum cylinder with capacity of 415 litres, for Oxygen Therapy/Resuscitation purpose.   ..

Oxygen Mask (Hospitech), Per Piece

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Oxygen Mask for resuscitation and oxygen therapy purposes. Available in adult size only and com..

Oxygen Therapy Set TP, 415L, Per Set

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Complete Oxygen Therapy Set consisting of: Oxygen Tank, 415 litres, Regulator Oxygen Mask or Na..

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