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Shower Chairs
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  • Swift Shower Chair (Etac), Per Unit


Swift Shower Chair (Etac), Per Unit

  • Availability: In Stock


Facilitates sitting when carrying out intimate hygiene.

The shower chair is made of sturdy plastic and aluminium and is designed to adapt itself to uneven floors such as the sloping floor in a shower. Soft ferrules attached to the legs adapt to the floor and ensure a good grip. For added safety and stability, the seat comes with an anti-slip pattern to help the user to feel secure.


This shower chair was designed for use in showers or in bathrooms. A stable design and built-in flexibility helps the chair to adapt to uneven floors. All chairs are fitted with height-adjustable legs that are simple to attach. Leg ferrules offer good grip and the anti-slip pattern on the seat provide important safety and stability properties that help the user feel safe. 


The Etac Swift can be configured to be anything from a simple shower stool to a complete shower chair, depending on how you choose to equip it. 


The Etac Swift has been tested and complies with the requirements set out in EN ISO 10993-1, EN 12182.

Approx. useful dimensions (inches)

  • Seat Width 29”
  • Seat Height 13.6”
  • Seat Depth 26.6”
  • Chair Width 36.7”
  • Chair Height 52” – 61.5”
  • Nett Weight 4.7kg
  • Capacity 130kg

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