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  • Tempscan Ear Probe Covers


Tempscan Ear Probe Covers

  • Availability: In Stock


Disposable ear thermometer probe/lens cover, compatible with most In-Ear Thermometer Brands: Braun, Omron, Otoscan, Osim & other scanners 

50 Probes/Box
Price per box

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10 Fever technologies you should know Antimicrobial thermometer with copper alloy - The ultimate solution for hygiene and safety in fever management. fever-technology_antimicrobial Microlife presents the innovative antimicrobial thermometer the world’s first thermometer with implementation of copper alloy. Through it’s patented technological application, it aims to create safe thermometry conditions, not only to families but to the entire healthcare chain (doctors-nurses-patients). The antimicrobial copper which is applied on the thermometer’s tip and battery cover kills a wide range of pathogenic microbes, drastically reducing microbial flora on the coated parts and causes significant pathogenic microbes reduction to the rest of the body of the thermometer. The result of it’s continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action is the decrease of pathogenic microbes spreading, thus providing high safety and protection to the user. § International patent No: WO/2013/064847; § European patent No: 2773932 § U.S. patent No: 9,726,550 § Greek national patent No: 1007847 Auto-measurement with distance control fever-technology_auto_measurement The non contact thermomter NC 200 takes automatically a measurement, when the device detects the distance is within 5 cm. § International patent No: WO/2016/138697 § European patent No: 15883754.2​ (patent pending) § CN patent No.: ZL 201410095301.7 CN patent No.: 201510095691.2 (patent pending) U.S. patent No.: 15/555,371 (patent pending) ACCUsens - Guidance system for accurate positioning fever-technology_accu-sens ACCUsens guidance system confirms the right position in the ear with a «good» on the LCD display and a beep. § CN patent No.: ZL 201410095301.7 § U.S. patent No.: 9,109,946 Silent Glow™ technology - Fever alarm fever-technology_silent_glow Illuminated fever alarm – Microlife is the first company in Europe to launch the Silent GlowTM Technology, enabling easy readability of high temperatures. All Microlife infrared thermometers use this registered Swiss trademarked Silent GlowTM Technology. A green light will show if temperatures are up to 37.4°C A red light will show if temperatures exceed 37.4°C Tracking light technology fever-technology_tracking_light The blue tracking light of the non contact thermometer indicates the correct measurement area and also the distance in the dark. Illuminated probe and «clean me» technology fever-technology_illuminatedprobe_cleanme The new transparent probe with LED light function helps to find the position of the ear in the dark. The «clean me» function reminds you to clean the probe before turning-off the thermometer: «clean me» is displayed on the LCD and the illuminated probe flashes for 3 seconds. § European patent No: 11858472.1 (patent pending) § CN patent No.: 201510398218.1 Gold Temp™ measuring tip fever-technology_gold_temp The anallergic way to measure – The Microlife GoldTemp™ thermometers are gold-plated and are ideal for people who are sensitive to nickel – a metal used on the probes of standard thermometers. The patented (EM Design 000168737) gold tip is the first of its kind. It offers a perfect solution for people who are allergic to nickel. It is suitable for adults, children and babies. 1-Second technology fever-technology_1sec Trademark No. 559901 (CH) Microlife has developed a new 1-second IR ear thermometer that uses “real-time” technology. This new patented technology ensures superior accuracy. 3-Seconds technology fever-technology_3sec Microlife uses the 3-second non contact (NC) thermometers for fast, reliable and hygienic measurements on the forehead. How does Microlife's NC thermometer ensure accurate readings? Being able to measure the center of the forehead during the 3-second measurement time ensures maximum precision. Microlife's NC thermometers measure 12 times per second and the readout displays the highest value of the 36 spots measured. This technology guarantees safe and sanitary measurements within only 3 seconds. 10-Seconds technology fever-technology_10sec Trademark No. 559900 (CH) Microlife’s new 10-seconds highspeed technology is part of our newest digital thermometers. An advancement in the design and assembly of the measuring tip (patent) allows for temperature measurement in as little as 10-seconds, more than 4 times faster than conventional digital thermometers. Maximum precision and accuracy of temperature measurement are achieved through the use of microcomputer technology in the advanced sensor tip. The Microlife sensor tip is a very unique piece of technology which is protected by a patent. Good to know: Mercury free thermometers fever-technology_mercury-free Mercury in thermometers has been officially forbidden by the European Union in april 2009 due to the fact that it is a highly toxic heavy metal. Microlife has always been producing mercury free thermometers due to its awareness of the human well-being and protection of the environment. Biocompatibility: fever-technology_biocompatible Microlife thermometers have been tested for biocompatibility in order to guarantee the absolute harmless application of the thermometers for the user. All the materials of applied parts in Microlife thermometers are biocompatible in compliance with ISO10993. Clinically tested in Europe: fever-technology_clinially-tested In cooperation with an Austrian hospital several studies have been conducted proving the accuracy and reliability of our infrared thermometers.


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