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Pressure Relief
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  • Air Mattress (YH Med), 4.5" Cell Pad Mattress W Pump, Per Unit


Air Mattress (YH Med), 4.5" Cell Pad Mattress W Pump, Per Unit

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12 month warranty on pump only.
Mattress not covered.

Air Mattress (YH Med), 4.5" Cell Pad Mattress Alternating Pressure Mattress is made up by 18 pcs of 11 cm / 4.5" cells. The Alternating System includes A/B/C 3 groups of cells design (6 cells per group). During alternating, there always have 2 groups of cells keep inflating, it means that it will have 12 cells can share and support the patient's weight. Compared with the A/B 2 groups alternating model (B) (just have 9 cells keep inflating at the same time), the share weight of the A/B/C Cycle Mode alternating mattress will be more average. This series is :


  • More Comfortable
  • More Quiet
  • Better Sleeping Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Air Permeability
  • Easy for Cleaning
  • Better sleeping quality
  • Mattress Extra Flap
  • Simple and Light
  • Ultra-Quite Pump
  • Provide the slience and comfortable rehabilitation environment to the patient with the ultra quiet design
  • Easy for handling, the output pressure can be adjusted
  • Light shape, the hanger design is suitable to hang on all kinds of nursing bed
  • Material: Cover: Nylon+PU Cell: Nylon+PVC
  • Cell: 11cm / 4.5" Inflation Cell X 18 Pieces + 1 Free Spare Cell
  • Inflation Size(lengthxwidthxheight): 200x90x 11 cm
  • Max Weight Support: 145kg
  • Material Thickness: 0.36mm
  • Pressure Ulcer Stage: I,I1
  • Mattress System: Overlay
  • Alternating Cycle Mode: A/B/C Alternating (1-in-3) 2.
  • Size(lengthxwidthxheight): 27x 13x10.5cm
  • Input Power: 220v / 110v ; 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Output Pressure Range: 55-120mmHg
  • Air output: 7-8 L/min
  • Cycle time: 12 min

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