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Pain Management

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BEYOND BODIHEAT Heat Pad, 1 Piece • Sooth sore, aching muscles• Relieve back and joint pain• Reduce neck and shoulder pain• Ease knee pain• Ideal for lengthy drives and flights, or long days at the office• Great...
DAGA Multifunction Massager MC-1500 Multifunction massager Suitable for cervical, lumbar and leg massage 6 massage points with circular bidirectional motion 6 infrared heating points in each head Switch for on,...
DAGA Flexy Heat LM Ergonomic Pad Ergonomic pads FlexyHeat – LM Removable connection 3 temperature levels Safety autostop after 90 mins of continuous use Textile cover Rapid warm-up in 5 mins LED operation...
DAGA Flexy Heat E2P, 45cm × 35cm 45 x 35cm Detachable connection 3 temperature levels PVC waterproof finish 90min safety auto-off 5min fast heating Microfleece washable fabric cover
DAGA Heating Pad, Textil Plus Model L2 Fixed connection. 4 temperature levels. Padded fabric finish. 2 Programmable Times: 60 and 90 mins. Comfort Program 1hour 30 min. Safety autostop after 8hrs of continuous...
Wan Ying Kao Plaster 3's/Pkt Relieves mild to moderate aches & pains of muscles & joints associated with: Strains Sprains Simple backache Arthritis Bruises
Salonpas Plaster 10'S For relief of aches and pains associated with: muscle fatigue muscle pain stiff shoulders simple backache bruises sprains strains arthritis



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