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ASSURE Gravity Feeding Bag Uses gravity drip Suitable for patients who require long-term tube feeding Manufactured using technology from USA With clear markings on the bag Capacity: 1000ml Single-use only...
FLEET Ready-to-use Enema Easy-grip and easy-squeeze bottle. Prelubricated comfortip for ease of insertion. Protective shield prevents contamination. One-way safety valve controls the flow of products and...
Axe Brand Universal Oil (5ml/56ml) Suitable for relief of: Giddiness Headache Blocked nose and cold Stomach-ache Insect bites Rheumatic pain and muscular pain.
Kangaroo Connect Feeding Set 500ML Anti-free flow safety feature “No drip chamber” design helps to reduce clogging Cassette attachment allows quick and easy feeding bag changes For use with Kangaroo Connect...
NESTLE Beneprotein 227g Pure whey protein isolate for muscle health and nutrition Unflavored and easily mixable in hot or cold foods/drinks Customize your protein intake effortlessly Suitable for various dietary...
ABBOTT Ensure Liquid Offers complete & balanced nutrition Suitable for patients with tube feeding Contains 28 essential vitamins & minerals Trans-fat, cholesterol, lactose & gluten free Volume: 250ml 24...
ABBOTT Jevity Liquid Complete, balanced & isotonic liquid nutrition with fiber Suitable for patients that require both short or long-term tube feeding Lactose & gluten-free Keep refrigerated after opened...
ABBOTT Glucerna Liquid Isotonic liquid nutrition containing fiber Suitable for patients with diabetes Complete and balanced with 28 vitamins and minerals Can be used as the sole source of nutrition or supplement...
ABBOTT Nepro HP Complete renal nutrition for people on dialysis Higher in protein Contains 28 vitamins & minerals including vitamin B3 and B6 Low in potassium, phosphorous and sodium Comes with monounsaturated...
Panadol Extend 18s/Box Panadol Extend is designed for 8 hours of relief from back and pain: Osteoarthritis Backache Joint pains Muscular aches such as sprains, strains and sports injuries Headache Migraine...
Abbott Pulmocare High-calorie, low carbohydrate formula To reduce user's carbon dioxide production Suitable for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, respiratory failure...



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