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ABBOTT Nepro HP 220ml


  • Complete renal nutrition for people on dialysis
  • Higher in protein
  • Contains 28 vitamins & minerals including vitamin B3 and B6
  • Low in potassium, phosphorous and sodium
  • Comes with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), Omega 3 fatty acids and CarbSteady (advanced, slow-digesting, low GI carbohydrate complex)
  • Suitable for oral or tube feeding as a sole nutrition source or as supplemental nutrition
  • 401 kcal/bottle (220ml)
  • Flavour: Vanilla



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Introducing the remarkable Abbott Nepro HP, a complete renal nutrition solution specially designed for individuals on dialysis.

Empowering users with the strength they need, Nepro HP is higher in protein, delivering a substantial 17.82 grams per 220ml serving, effectively replenishing essential nutrients and calories lost during dialysis.

The protein-rich drink boasts 28 vital vitamins and minerals, including the energy-enhancing properties of vitamins B3 and B6. Say goodbye to fatigue as Nepro HP actively supports energy production, helping users stay at their best throughout their day.

Expertly formulated to comply with current recommendations*, Nepro HP is low in potassium, phosphorous, and sodium, ensuring users can confidently manage their dietary needs while enjoying a delicious vanilla-flavoured experience.

Packed with an impressive 401 kcal per bottle, Nepro HP delivers a rich source of calories, helping users maintain their energy levels and meet their nutritional requirements efficiently.

Additionally, with a low fluid content of 161g per bottle, it's an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient and nourishing option.

But that's not all – Nepro HP goes above and beyond by incorporating a host of beneficial elements. Users can revel in the goodness of monounsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, and the innovative CarbSteady complex.

This advanced, slow-digesting, low GI carbohydrate complex ensures a steady release of energy, providing sustained nourishment throughout the day.

Adaptable and versatile, Nepro HP can be enjoyed through oral consumption or tube feeding, serving as either the sole source of nutrition or an ideal supplement.

Important note:
Always follow the guidance of healthcare professionals, such as physicians and dietitians, for the best-personalised nutrition plan.

* European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG); ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism); US National Kidney Foundation KDOQI and KDIGO guidelines when used as sole source of nutrition.

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Higher in protein
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Complete renal nutrition for people on dialysis
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