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HuBDIC Thermofinder , Non-Contact Infrared, FS-300, 1 Unit

HuBDIC Thermofinder | Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer FS-300

  • Contactless Temperature Detection
  • No need for probe filters
  • No risk of virus transmission through contact
  • Compact, Pocket-size, Super Lightweight
  • Can be used for general-use temperature taking (food, bath water etc)
  • Stores up to 32 recorded temperatures
  • ° C/°F conversion
  • High accuracy of ±0.2°C

The HuBDIC FS-300, a digital contactless Infrared Thermometer designed for easy and rapid temperature measurement – simply point and click!

Featuring non-invasive technology, the HuBDIC FS-300 eliminates the need for probe filters, providing a contactless experience with a reduced risk of virus transmission. The thermometer is equipped with an innovative object mode, allowing users to measure temperatures of bathwater, baby bottle contents, food, and ambient room temperature. This feature facilitates silent temperature readings, making it ideal for caring for infants or monitoring family health through a fast and contactless process.

The memory function of the HuBDIC FS-300 aids in maintaining a clear history of temperature readings throughout the day, enabling better observation.

How to Use:

  1. Read the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the HuBDIC FS-300.
  2. Ensure hands are dry, and all parts of the thermometer are clean before initiating temperature measurement.
  3. Turn on the infrared thermometer.
  4. Aim towards the temple/behind the earlobe about 2-3cm away.
  5. Check the temperature on the LCD screen, which is automatically stored.
  6. Press start and press mod to switch to object mode.

HuBDIC Thermofinder | Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer FS-300

Key Features of HuBDIC FS-300:

  • Compact size & super lightweight
  • Stores up to 32 recorded temperatures
  • °C/°F conversion
  • Safe, quiet, and hygienic
  • Enables effortless and continuous multiple readings
  • Object and room temperature measurement mode
  • High accuracy of ±0.2°C

HuBDIC Thermofinder | Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer FS-300

General Use and Maintenance:

  • Clean the product using a soft dry cloth and avoid strong solvents.
  • Use a synthetic detergent for cleaning, air dry thoroughly, and ensure no fluids enter the device.
  • Remove batteries if not in use for an extended period, keeping them out of reach of children.
  • Avoid skin contact during temperature measurement for hygiene reasons.
  • Limit exposure to heat, humidity, chemicals, or hard impacts.

Power Supply:

The HuBDIC FS-300 operates on 2 AAA-sized batteries.


Data sheet

Measurement range:
34°C to 42.5°C(93.2°F to 108.5°F )
2 x AAA-sized batteries
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