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ARCTIC Double-Tipped Cotton Buds, 200's

ARCTIC Double-Tipped Cotton Buds, 200's

  • Made of pure soft cotton for gentle and comfortable use
  • Stems are flexible and unbreakable, ensuring durability
  • Double-tipped design provides versatility
  • Each package contains 200 cotton tips (2 cotton tips per stem)

Arctic Cotton Buds are a versatile and hygienic product made of pure, soft cotton with flexible and unbreakable stems. With double-tipped design, each cotton bud provides two cotton tips, making it an excellent tool for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Soft Cotton: These cotton buds are crafted from pure and soft cotton, ensuring gentle and comfortable use.
  2. Unbreakable Stems: The stems of the cotton buds are flexible and unbreakable, providing durability and reliability during use.
  3. Double-Tipped Design: Each cotton bud features a double-tipped design, with two cotton tips on a single stem, offering versatility and functionality.
  4. Cotton Tip Quantity: Each package contains 200 cotton tips, with 2 cotton tips on each stem, ensuring an ample supply for various needs.


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