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FALCON MOBILITY Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair

Falcon Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair

  • LTA-compliant lightweight personal mobility aid (PMA)
  • Singapore Safety marked charger
  • Easy to fold & unfold
  • 2 easily detachable 6 AH lithium batteries 
  • Battery acceptable for carry on by most airlines (144WH rating)
  • With flip-up armrests & flip-up detachable footrests
  • Front wheel suspension
  • Has USB port to charge mobile phone
  • Comes with an attendant control
  • Max range: 20km
  • Weight capacity: 100kg


Introducing the Falcon Mobility Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair, a lightweight and foldable motorised mobility aid designed to provide freedom and convenience to users or elderly seeking an active and independent lifestyle.

Weighing a mere 16.1 kg without the battery and footrests, the Ultra-Lite 2 is truly one of the lightest and most portable motorised wheelchairs available globally.

Its sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame ensures durability and rust resistance, while the easy-fold mechanism allows users to effortlessly collapse the wheelchair for hassle-free transportation in most cars and taxis.

With an emphasis on travel convenience, the Ultra-Lite 2 is equipped with an easily detachable lithium battery, providing up to 10 km of travel.

A complimentary backup battery is also included, extending the total range to an impressive 20 km.

These batteries boast quick-release catches, enabling swift battery swaps in a matter of seconds, ensuring users never have to worry about running out of power during their ride.

The innovation doesn't stop there; the Ultra-Lite 2's lithium batteries are compliant with most airline regulations, making them acceptable for carry-on baggage (subject to operator approval). 

In addition to its travel-friendly features, the Ultra-Lite 2 comes with a controller and brakes, offering users enhanced control and optimal safety, especially on slopes.

When needed, users can quickly set the brakes to neutral and push the chair manually.

For added convenience, the wheelchair's batteries can be charged off-board, enabling users to leave the chair in the car while charging the batteries at home.

Alternatively, they can venture out on one battery while leaving the other to charge, ensuring continuous mobility without interruptions.

To further cater to the user's needs, the Ultra-Lite 2 is equipped with flip-up armrests and detachable footrests, making getting in and out of the chair a breeze.

Additionally, the inclusion of front wheel suspension guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride, whether traversing bustling city streets or uneven terrains.

Embracing the modern age, the Ultra-Lite 2 is equipped with a USB port, allowing users to conveniently charge their mobile phones on the go.

This practical feature ensures users stay connected with their loved ones or have essential communication at their fingertips during their adventures.

The Ultra-Lite 2 also offers an added benefit for caregivers.

The wheelchair now includes an attendant control bracket, enabling quick and easy shifting of the joystick from the front to the rear push handle.

This allows caregivers to drive the chair from behind, providing more options for user assistance and comfort.

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falcon ultra lite 2 electric wheelchair
Carrying Handle

Offers a convenient point of grip, allowing individuals to lift and carry the wheelchair with ease. This is especially beneficial when navigating obstacles, climbing stairs, or moving the chair in tight spaces.

FALCON MOBILITY Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair
Joy Stick

Allow users to operate the wheelchair easily, offering various functions such as on/off button, directional control, speed control & horn activation.

FALCON MOBILITY Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair
Folding Backrest

The wheelchair can be compactly folded, making it easier to store in tight spaces, such as car trunks, closets, or storage rooms. 

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon
USB Port

For users to charge their mobile devices directly from the wheelchair to maintain communication and access essential apps and information while on the go. 

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon
Safety Belt

Secures the user to the wheelchair, reducing the risk of falls or unintended movement that may lead to injuries. 

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon
Front Wheel Suspension

Absorbs shocks and vibrations from uneven surfaces, providing a more comfortable ride for the user. 

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon
Adjustable Electric-Brake-Manual Modes

In emergency situations, being able to set the brakes to neutral and push the chair manually provides users with a quick and effective means to move the wheelchair to safety, even in the event of a power outage or motor failure. 

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon
Detachable Batteries

With detachable batteries, users can carry spare batteries with them, allowing for extended travel range.

 Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair singapore falcon

Prevents eletric wheelchair from tipping backward in situations where the user leans too far backward or navigates steep inclines and therefore reduces fall injuries.



Weight Capacity 100kg Turn Radius 26"
Total Weight 19.2kg Max Speed 6 km/h
Chair Dimension 91cm x 55cm x89cm (Overall LxWxH) Batteries 2 x 24V, 6 AH Lithium
Min Folded Dimension 71.5cm x 37cm x 73.5cm Charger 2A c/w Safety Mark
Seat Size 44cm x 39cm x 40cm (Width x Depth x Height) Motors 24V 150W x 2
Armrest Height 23cm Max Gradient 6 degrees
Seat-to-Floor Height 47cm Front Wheel 6" Solid
Max Range 20km (10km/battery) Rear Wheel 12" Solid


Data sheet

Front Wheel:
6" Solid
Rear Wheel:
12" Solid
Net Weight:
Weight Capacity:
2 x 24V, 6AH Lithium
Max Speed
Max Range
20km (10km/battery)
Max Gradient
6 degrees
Seat Size
44cm x 39cm x 40cm
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