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Isotonic liquid nutrition with fibre. Provides complete nutrition for those requiring short- and long-term tube feeding. The fiber source can help moderate bowel function and may be useful in the dietary management of...
Pulmocare Specialised Nutrition for Pulmonary Patients is a high-calorie, high-fat low-carbohydrate liquid food designed to reduce patient's carbon dioxide production. Vanilla Flavour. Directions: Shake well. Store...
Fresubin 2 kcal is high-caloric (2.0 kcal /ml), high protein oral nutritional supplement, fiber free. High in vitamin D. Clinically free from lactose, gluten free. Contains traces of caffeine (0.65 mg/ 100 ml)....
Juice Based Nutrition For Extra Calories A ready-to-use, fat free, fruit juice tasting oral nutritional supplement containing 300kcal and 8g protein per 200ml bottle. This is a great option for when you...
Milk based nutrition for extra calories A ready-to-drink, high energy (300kcal) , source of protein (12g) and nutritionally complete oral nutritional supplement
Nutrition To Support Wound Healing And Pressure Ulcers A ready-to-drink, nutritionally complete oral supplement enriched with nutrients essential for wound healing including arginine, vitamin C and zinc. Contains...
NESTLE Boost™ Optimum Powder Adult nutritional supplement Has protein, vitamin, minerals, probiotics & prebiotics Suitable for: 50+ y/o consumers to fill in nutritional gaps Lactose-free Flavour: Vanilla Net...
An instant food thickening module suitable for increasing the consistency of foods and liquid. It can be used as a vehicle in commonly accepted approach to decrease dysphagic difficulties to increase bolus consistency...
Fresubin protein energy Drink is a high protein, high energy sip feed, rich in vitamins and trace element, 1.5kcal/ml drink for the dietary management of individuals with increased protein and energy requirements....
Ready to drink nutritional supplement in a broad variety.   High energy: 300 kcal in 1 bottle With fibers For complete nutrition - with all vitamins and minerals according to legal requirements
Food for special medical purposes. Nutritionally complete, high-caloric (1.5kcal/ml), high protein oral nutritional supplement, with fiber. High in monosaturated fatty acids, modified carbohydrate profile with low...



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